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Congratulations to our 18U Fire (left) and 16U Fire (right) teams for each taking 2nd Place in their respective Divisions at the 2021 Juniors Grand Slam tournament this weekend.
Now back to work.
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Madison Inferno Volleyball Club was created to grow the sport of boys volleyball in Wisconsin. Boys volleyball is exploding right now as it’s the fastest-growing team sport in the U.S. for high school boys. It has grown 22% over the last five years (2nd fastest-growing sport grew by only 10%). Football decreased 9% over this same 5-year period. There are now 63,563 boys playing high school volleyball and USA Volleyball projects that 100,000 boys will be playing this sport by 2026.


For too long parents of boys that were looking for good quality volleyball were told to play club ball in Milwaukee because the state of boys volleyball in Dane County wasn’t strong. And while that might have been true in the past, it is no longer the case. One of the primary goals of our club is to put all the strong players in the Dane County area on a Madison Inferno Volleyball Club team and surround them with excellent coaching and watch them grow both as athletes as well as young men. We feel that with the best coaches in the State, led by Jaime and Cooper, and a strong national schedule, the best players in south central Wisconsin will want to play with Madison Inferno.


We are the ONLY boys-only national volleyball club in Dane County. We want all the strong volleyball players in the Dane County area to “stay home” as Barry Alvarez would say and compete locally with Madison Inferno.


We expect the utmost from our athletes. Incredible work ethic and dedication are just the start for Madison Inferno members. Further development and expectations from our players include: strong integrity, extraordinary effort, belief in the process, constructive communication, commitment to our “athlete development program”, and healthy habits in regards to rehabilitation, sleep, nutrition, and strength training.


We want to build something great for all the volleyball families in the area. We can’t do it alone. It will take very talented and dedicated athletes. It will take very committed and thoughtful parents. It will take excellent coaching. We feel we have all of those elements to create a wonderful experience for the boys volleyball community in Dane County. Welcome to Madison Inferno!

Excellent Volleyball
Athlete Development
Strong Integrity
High Expectations
Grow the Game
Club News

Congratulations to our Inferno athletes who received invites to the 2021 Badger Region High Performance camp: Lucas Rosa, Ambrose Engling, Ben Heise & Hudson Sweitzer. Keep working hard!


Upcoming Events

Our first Club Open Gym is this Tuesday, 6/8 from 6-8pm at Oakstone. Get ready for Nationals!


Make sure you have the updated Team calendar. There are lots of changes for June. We're ramping up our practice time for Nationals. If you don't have an updated team calendar, talk with your coach.  

Dane County’s ONLY Boys National Volleyball Club
COVID-19 Reminder

We ask that no athlete attend any practice, tournament or lesson if you are feeling under the weather, awaiting COVID-19 test results, or have been directly exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


We have to be smart. COVID-19 is very contagious and we don't want to spread it to each other and have an impact on everyone's season. Until further notice, all Club sponsored activities require a mask be worn at all times. No physical contact between athletes and/or coaches is allowed (ex: no high fives).


The safety of our athletes and coaches is our top priority. Thank you in advance for understanding and we are looking forward to a wonderful season!

Positional Training
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Boys Volleyball is one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports.  There are new collegiate programs added every year and the NCAA just approved a proposal to give men’s volleyball players more scholarship options.  Madison Inferno Volleyball Club allows male athletes to receive high quality training, as well as the ability to compete at a national level.   Madison Inferno’s mission is to keep talented and skilled athletes here in the Dane County region.  In addition to teaching the game, Madison Inferno is also determined to foster a culture of integrity.   Young men will learn leadership, communication, and accountability from the moment they first step into the gym.   They will be leaders on the court, in the weight room, at school, and in the community.

to Madison Inferno
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Inferno Cup Knucklehead Challenge
First practice of the new season
Positional Training
First practice of the new season
Inferno Cup Knucklehead Challenge Champions
Inferno Cup Blaze Challenge Championship
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Tune Up Clinic
Tune Up Clinic
Coaching Corner

What can we control in volleyball?

1. Effort
2. Serve
3. Communication

4. Motivation
5. Conditioning & Diet
6. Learning
7. Attitude
8. Leadership
9. Goals
10. Deliberate Practice

Check out our blog posts where we will discuss each of these points that John Kessel introduced in "Growing the Game."

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