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15 Fire

Co-Head Coach: Nick Klubertanz

Co-Head Coach: Christopher Kahler


Last Name         First Name          #         

Boid                   Bosten              26

Bruce                 Zach                 55  *

Chapa               Oscar                58  *

Ellingson          Alex                   42

Fisher                Kaleb                22

Gehrke              Jude                 20

Goldbeck          Tanner             32  *

Hanson             Anders             35

Helvig               Ben                   25

Lewandowski  Clark                 52

Nowacki           Michael            46

Sands                Connor            30  *

Simkowski        Declan             13

Templeton       Jason               38

                                       * Practice Player

Coach Nick

Coach Chris


1st Place

NAIA Final Four Tournament

Des Moines, IA

April, 2023


1st Place

MVP Boys Championship Tournament

Niles, IL

January, 2023

​2nd Place

Bay Bash #9 Tournament

Green Bay, WI

February, 2023

2nd Place

Dale Rohde Tournament - White Divison

Milwaukee, WI

March, 2023

2nd Place

Juniors February Fun Tournament

UW Parkside, WI

February, 2023

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15U (6).jpg
15U (21).jpg
15s Day 1 (9).jpg
15U (33).jpg
15U (24).jpg
15s Day 1 (13).jpg

Hard Work

Multiple practices per week, athlete development, competition, eating right, good rest, good grades, and doing things the right way.


Respect the sport, coaches, teammates, referees, parents, opposing teams. Win the right way. Lose the right way. Always show respect.

Good Teammate

Lead by example. Always be positive. Help pull someone up when they are down. Humble in victory. Head held high in defeat. Role model. 


Be honest and have strong moral principles. Practice hard even when no one is watching. Do the right thing. Represent your club well.

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