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Inferno Cup


Great way to compete, enhance your volleyball skills, and have a lot of fun with friends
​Usually runs 6-8 matches that culminates with a Championship match to win the Inferno Cup
We offer team Challenges periodically. We currently are offering:
Sand Challenge
If you have an even number of boys (6, 8 or 10) and are interested in competing in your own Private Inferno Cup, let us know and we'll set it up for you:
Inferno Cup Knucklehead Challenge new un

Knucklehead Challenge


Freeze Challenge

Inferno Cup Trophy NO Background.png
Inferno Cup
Inferno Cup Harvest Challenge (47).jpg

Harvest Challenge

Inferno Cup Knucklehead Challenge new un

Knucklehead Challenge

Inferno Cup Champs (2).jpg

Inaugural Inferno Cup Open Challenge Champion: Alexander

What is an Inferno Cup Challenge:

  • Madhatter volleyball Matches

  • Done with 6, 8 or 10 boys

  • For example, if you have 8 boys in the Challenge, you would play 4x4. If you have 10 boys it's 5x5.

  • Always play with the same boys but never play with the same team twice. Great format for playing with friends.

  • Lots of touches emphasizing all around skills

  • Each athlete competes for their own Cup Points

  • You earn/lose points in several different ways with weekly Wildcards

  • Players should use the warm up period to discuss strategy. Strategy will play a significant role in this Challenge. 

  • Bonus Cup Points awarded for blowouts, overtime wins & Aces

  • Cup Points earned are cumulative throughout the Challenge

  • Champion decided in a final winner take all Match

  • Top 2 Cup Points players are Captains: they pick the final teams

  • Top Cup player decides Championship Match rules

  • Inferno Cup trophy awarded to the Champion


Blaze Challenge

Knucklehead Challenge

FINAL Maroon Front.JPG
FINAL Black Front.JPG
FINAL White Front.JPG
All Athletes competing in the Inferno Cup get a sublimated Inferno Cup Shirt personalized with their name on the back
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