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Drill: Over-the-Net Pepper

Here is another pepper variation that I use in private lessons.

There are four sections to this drill: 3-Down, 3-Up, 2-Down, and 2-Up.

The sections are labeled as the amount of contacts you are allowed and whether or not you are jumping. IE: 3-Down - 3 contacts and you stay on the ground. 2-Up = 2 contacts and you are jumping.

My partner and I decided to set a goal of five consecutive "attacks" in order to move on to the next section of the drill. If the ball drops, we chose to start at zero of the section we were in.

Cues to keep in mind:

- Freeze on contact and view your platform connecting with the ball.

- High contact point on attack and swing towards target.

- Keep your passing and setting target just behind the ten-foot line so you may take a full swing at your partner and you aren't chasing the ball too often.

- Communication is key. Call out the number you are on, let your partner know your position, help them identify your own swing, etc. Over-communicating is better than under-communicating!

- Control of the first contact will lead to the greatest success in this drill.


Feel free to ask any questions!

Coach Cooper

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