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  1. Players are to treat others with respect at all times - this includes teammates, coaches, opponents, referees, fans, teachers, everyone; respect is required on and off the court. This also includes social media. What you choose to post represents our club. Any activity relating to or including hazing, bullying, or poor sportsmanship will result disciplinary action according to USA Volleyball Safe Sport.

  2. Players are to let the coaches do the coaching.

  3. Players are to be at practice ON TIME - dressed and ready to go at least 5 minutes before the start of practice.

  4. Players are to follow all rules as stated in USA Volleyball Safe Sport code of conduct. Consequences are pre-determined and we have no ability to interpret/modify any of these rules or disciplinary actions, nor will we.

  5. Players are expected to earn their success and not look for short cuts. As a team, we will do the small things well and focus on the details of our fundamental skills.

  6. Players are responsible for any and all team issued equipment and apparel. Appropriate apparel should be worn to all games and matches (including shorts). At National tournaments the team will be required to be in matching Adidas apparel.

  7. Players should have focused attention and effort for the entire training session and must listen with the intent to learn. When a coach is explaining a drill or discussing game strategy athletes are expected to be attentive and display this through their body language.

  8. Players should maintain strong, confident body language and control their emotions/reactions even when others do not.

  9. Players on suspension from their school will not be allowed to participate in practices or games. They are still required to attend practice and help out by shagging balls, initiating drills, etc. They will continue learning plays and offensive/defensive sets.

  10. Players will maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and understand that participation in Madison Inferno VBC is a privilege and not a right. Players need to be students first and volleyball players second. If there are problems in school, we encourage the player and parents to contact the coaches immediately. Our coaching staff understands the importance of education and will do what we can to help.

Hard Work

Multiple practices per week, athlete development, competition, eating right, good rest, good grades, and doing things the right way.


Respect the sport, coaches, teammates, referees, parents, opposing teams. Win the right way. Lose the right way. Always show respect.

Good Teammate

Lead by example. Always be positive. Help pull someone up when they are down. Humble in victory. Head held high in defeat. Role model.


Be honest and have strong moral principles. Practice hard even when no one is watching. Do the right thing. Represent your club well.

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