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Team Inferno - VLA

“Inferno started off exactly how they wanted to at the VLA Cup, taking the first match in 5 against West Coast Brigade. Taking Team LVC to 4 was another solid performance and something to be proud of. Unfortunately, that was the end of the good fortune.  Inferno matched up against Force who almost allowed Inferno to make it to a 5 setter, but they were no match for Sweed who had just been upset in their first round matchup. Inferno put up a good fight as they tested the waters in the 2022 season.  The group from Madison, Wisconsin continues to be highly motivated and they[‘re] building a solid consistent product to compete against anyone in the VLA.  Time and experience is the most valuable thing for them as they move into the 2023 season.

Interesting Stat: Inferno has a higher point ratio than their Tier 2 Rival 630 Slunkers, the key for them is simply getting more matches played if they want to be considered for Tier 1 in the future.” - Volleyball League of America


“The VLA is an effort to further develop adult volleyball in the United States. The teams feature former NCAA / NAIA Collegiate standouts and domestic as well as international professional players that have previously been competing overseas."   Volleyball League of America

Feel free to check out Volleyball League of America

website if you’re curious to learn more about the organization. We appreciate your support and hope you can watch/attend some of our matches in our inaugural season.

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VLA exhibition vs Milwaukee Dive (21).jpg
VLA exhibition vs Milwaukee Dive (13).jpg
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