Madison Inferno VLA FAQ

  • Will you play nearby?

    • Yes! This team will travel quite a distance for a few tournaments, but we will be competing in the Central Division so our Cup Tournaments will still be located throughout the Midwest. We’re even hoping to host a tournament in Milwaukee with the Badger Region.

  • How can we watch you play?

    • Many of our events will coincide with junior’s tournaments, so athletes and families in attendance for those will be able to watch us play too. Otherwise, the VLA has a YouTube Membership with the games available to stream for a subscription cost.

  • How can we support you?

    • Inferno is currently seeking out sponsorships for the 2022 season. If interested, you can email We are also taking donations and will give you a shout out on our Instagram and Facebook for your contribution. The VLA team will also be hosting fundraising in the coming months where you can come watch scrimmages, compete in tournaments, or buy clothing and raffle tickets; stay tuned for more news on these. Email with any questions. Thank you so much for your support.

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