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172 Blaze

IMG_5533 2.HEIC
#12 - Ben Ross
#13 - Luke Anderson
#14 - Caleb Flottmeyer
#15 - Tyler McGown
#16 - Liam Grabel
#18 - Luke Wichern
#21 - Arlo Cerulli
#24 - Cameron Krohn
#25 - Milo Dean
#28 - Will Funck
Head Coach:
Max Brown

Coaching Philosophy:
As a coach, it is my goal to help my players individually and my team as a whole to grow to the best they can be. I seek to encourage in all my interactions with my team/families and strive to build up my players so they have confidence in their skills. Developing our game plan for success as a team while having fun doing so will always be a goal of mine.

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