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Inferno swept the entire MVP Boys Championship Cup Tournament. All four teams won their tournaments.

4 Tournaments. 4 Champions!


Dane County’s ONLY Boys National Volleyball Club
#Great Volley
Inferno competing during the 2023 USAV Dennis Lafata tournament in St Louis

Check out Coach Cooper's reaction


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This play was recognized by Dustin Watten's NOEZYBUCKETS Club Plays of the Week

February 10, 2023 with over 35,000 views

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Dig for the kill!

15s (29).jpg


15 Fire team

2023 NAIA Final Four Tournament

16U Division

April, 2023

18s (76).jpg


18 Fire team

2023 NAIA Final Four Tournament

18U Division

April, 2023

18s Champions of Dale Rohde.jpg
15s 2nd place Dale Rohde.jpg

CHAMPIONS 18 Fire team

2023 Dale Rohde Tournament

18 White Division

15 Fire team

2nd Place 15 White Division

2023 Dale Rohde Tournament

17 Fire team

1st Place Diamond Bracket, USA Division

17s Team (7).jpg

18 Fire team

2nd Place Silver Bracket, USA Division

18s Team (3).jpg

Dennis Lafata Boys Bid Classic Tournament

St. Louis, February, 2023

16 Fire Team


Bay Bash Tournament

February, 2023

16s win Bay Bash tournament.jpg
16s and 15s at Bay Bash tournament.jpg
15s team.png

15 Fire & 16 Fire Teams

16s Champions / 15s 2nd Place

Bay Bash Tournament

February, 2023

15 Fire Team

2nd Place

Wisconsin Juniors

February Fun


February, 2023

16 Fire Tournament Champions

18 Fire Tournament Champions

2023 MVP Boys Championship Cup Tournament Champions

Inferno with the clean sweep - all 4 teams won their Tournaments

January, 2023

15 Fire Tournament Champions

17 Fire Tournament Champions

2022 Wisconsin Juniors Pre-Season Kickoff Tournament Champions

18 Fire

December, 2022

Small Website Size-96.jpg
Day 2 18U Fire team (101).jpg

2022 Molten Wisconsin Volleyball Festival Champions

18U Fire team

March, 2022

2022 Wisconsin Juniors February Fun Tournament Champions

16U Fire team

February, 2022

16 Fire Champions.jpg
Juniors Grand Slam (18).jpg
Small Website Size-137.jpg

2022 Juniors Grand Slam Tournament Champions

18U Fire team

May, 2022


2022 NAIA Final Four Juniors Tournament

2nd Place

18U Fire team

April, 2022

Small Website Size-24.jpg

Inferno Cup: Arctic Challenge

Champion: Alexander

2nd Place: Sam

April, 2022

18 Fire 3rd Place.jpg

2022 Wisconsin Juniors February Fun Tournament 3rd Place

18U Fire team

February, 2022

Juniors Grand Slam (20).jpg

2022 Juniors Grand Slam Tournament 3rd Place

16U Fire team

May, 2022

Inferno Cup Championship (7).jpg

2022 Inferno Cup Sand Challenge Champions

Alexander Heuer (1st) & Devon Noak (2nd)

August, 2022

17s Day 3 (35).jpg

Show up to Practice early

First one in, last one to leave

Work hard when no one is watching

Be coachable

Lift up your teammates

Team first

Eat right


Get good rest

Strong workouts

Do things the right way

You'll like the results

The Emotions of a long day of Volleyball


15s (14).jpg
18s Day 1 (52).jpg
17s Day 2 (5).jpg
15s (16).jpg
17s Day 1 (3).jpg
Badger Region Boys Volleyball Watch List.jpg

Congratulations Inferno athletes: Alexander Heuer, Andrew Kleinschmidt, Max Levihn-Karls, Jake Leslie and Sam Jolin for being named to the 2022 Frisco Mo / Badger Region Boys Watchlist.

Inferno athletes representing at the 2021 High Performance All Star Championship tournament in Orlando, FL
17s Day 2 (15).jpg

Boys Volleyball is one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports.  There are new collegiate programs added every year and the NCAA just approved a proposal to give men’s volleyball players more scholarship options.  Madison Inferno Volleyball Club allows male athletes to receive high quality training, as well as the ability to compete at a national level.   Madison Inferno’s mission is to keep talented and skilled athletes here in the Dane County region.  In addition to teaching the game, Madison Inferno is also determined to foster a culture of integrity.   Young men will learn leadership, communication, and accountability from the moment they first step into the gym.   They will be leaders on the court, in the weight room, at school, and in the community.

to Madison Inferno
Featured Photos of the Month
Let's go!!!
Perfect Platform
Put up a wall
About to detonate
Monster Block
Connection with the Middle
Monster Block
Here comes the BOOM!
Building a wall
High point the ball
The game is played about the net
Perfect Pass
Build a Wall
Nothing touches the ground
Perfect pass
Josiah jump serve Ace
Monster Block
Perfect Pass
Coaching Corner

What can we control in volleyball?

1. Effort
2. Serve
3. Communication

4. Motivation
5. Conditioning & Diet
6. Learning
7. Attitude
8. Leadership
9. Goals
10. Deliberate Practice

Check out our blog posts where we will discuss each of these points that John Kessel introduced in "Growing the Game."

Become an

Inferno sponsor

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Inferno Volleyball and support the youth in your local area.


Email: for more info

Inferno Cups are a great way to compete, enhance your volleyball skills, and have a lot of fun with friends. They feature some of the best boys competition in the area. You play with different partners on each Match. These athletes get lots of reps in advance of their High School tryouts. A great way to improve your skills, show off for coaches, and have a lot of fun. Check out our website for future Inferno Cup competitions. ​


Uniform Maroon Maroon.jpg

Option #1:

Maroon (top) / Maroon (short)

Uniform Black White.jpg
Uniform Maroon White.jpg

Option #2:

Maroon (top) /    White (short)

Uniform Black Maroon.jpg

Option #3:

Black(top) /

Maroon (short)

Uniform White Maroon.jpg
Uniform White White.jpg

Option #4:

Black (top) /

White (short)

Option #5:

White (top) /

Maroon (short)

Option #6:

White (top) /

White (short)

17s Day 2 (20).jpg
16s Day 2 (6).jpg
17s Day 3 (7).jpg
18s Day 1 (56).jpg
18s Day 1 (50).jpg
16U (29).jpg
17U (27).jpg

Keep an eye out on our website for all the amazing Inferno activities.

Get involved. Get better.

Join us!

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USA Volleyball.JPG

Proud members of AAU, USA Volleyball and Badger Region Volleyball

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