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181 Fire

#1 - Joe Broihahn
#2 - Tristan Simkowski
#3 - Siejohn Ouattara
#4 - Dominic Rees
#5 - Gannon Mefford
#6 - Dawson Joe
#8 - Erik Jones
#9 - Sam Jolin
#10 - Ian Zuegge
#25 - Leyton Ritchie
Dylan Griffith
Keegan Talbott

Coaching Philosophy:
One of the main pillars of my coaching philosophy is the amount of work a player is willing to put in, is how much they will get out. Finding the best way to communicate and motivate individual players is something I strive to do. This a crucial aspect to the success of both the athlete and their team. One of my core values as a coach is to create a welcoming space for all athletes to feel included and supported both on and off the court.

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