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162 Blaze

#14 - William Schmitt
#15 - Ben Helvig
#16 - Adam Siemion
#18 - Everett Kerkman
#21 - Sanjay Jagadeesh
#23 - Riley Thiede
#24 - Alex Ellingson
#25 - Truman Parker
#28 - Jonathan Polasky
#29 - Flynn Magill
Head Coach:
Ashley Davis

Coaching Philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is to challenge athletes and teach them to play with confidence and without fear. As I work with athletes to develop more complex skills, I constantly encourage them to keep working on them. Mistakes are part of the learning process and should not be a deterrence from getting better. The key is how one responds to mistakes and continue to improve at the new skill.
A phrase I often use during practice and matches is “Play to win!”. This not necessarily meant to be “winning is everything”, but rather that you give 110% and leave it all on the court. At younger ages, this means that teams will have varying degrees of success as they are aggressive and trying new things on the court. In the long run, players will develop and advance at a faster rate. Encouraging athletes to work on advanced strategies and concepts in practice will provide a better foundation for problem solving on the court in future matches.

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