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153 Blaze

#12 - Beau McConkie
#25 - Elijah Brandt
#28 - Addison Heise
#29 - Ethan Ceron
#30 - Harrison Fenton
#31 - Levi Ott
#32 - Ben Anderson
#33 - Samuel Murphy
#34 - Emerson Tiedt
#35 - Lincoln Laplante
# 36 - Alex Sutter
Head Coach:
Mandy Kind

Hi Everyone! My name is Mandy Kind and I am coaching for Inferno 15-3s. This is my first time coaching boys, but I have experience coaching girls 16U's for Madison Starlings and Girls Freshman at Oregon High School. I currently play for Inferno's Embers VLA team and spend a lot of my summer weekends playing grass triples volleyball. When I am not playing volleyball, I love hanging out with my nieces and nephew and reading new fantasy books.

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