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171 Fire

IMG_0424 2.HEIC
#1 - Alec Peterson
#2 - Grayson Arn
#3 - Ethan Frank
#4 - Max Imig
#5 - Jacob Bauch
#6 - Sam Fleming
#8 - Ryan Schramm
#9 - Andrew Chen
#10 - Anders Hanson
#11 - Zion Gratz
Head Coach:
Katlynn Wirag

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy would be that every day is about growth. As an individual, as an athlete and as a team. There will be good days and bad days, but your success will be defined by the amount of work you put in every single day to be better than the day before. This sport has taught me so much about being a better person, not only for myself but for my teammates in all aspects of life. I wish to give back the knowledge I’ve gained from my coaches to share my love for the game. I strive to create a positive environment for all athletes where they can grow, trust and build towards their goals on and off the court.

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