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  • Cooper Kemnitz

Favorite coaching memories

With all the years that I have coached there are many fond memories to recall. I'm often asked about what are my favorite memories and it's hard to pick just one. I love having a player tell me that I helped him not only fall in love with the sport of volleyball but find his competitive side.

Coach Jaime

I also love when a team is loud and vocal during a game, and as a team we are all supporting each other. One of my fondest memories of this is when my first team at West went to their first tournament, we were ranked 10th out of 12. We finished 2nd overall and were the loudest team in the whole facility, everyone was cheering and we had a blast playing together. Great experience.

Another fond memory is watching my 18s team cheer on my 14s team (and vice versus) at tournaments. It was great to see my older athletes’ mentor my younger ones and the bond they shared that season was amazing to watch grow!

Coach Jaime with her Madison West team. She was named the Big 8 Coach of the Year in 2018.

Teaching young athlete how to handle adversity and develop a growth mindset is one of my favorite parts of coaching.

There are so many great memories. I look forward to creating more moving forward.

Coach Jaime

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