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Some Boys High School Volleyball Teams in the State start playing

The boys volleyball teams in Wisconsin had to do declare if they were going to play in the traditional Fall time frame or elect to play in the alternate season this winter/spring (Feb-April).

Statewide for boy volleyball, the majority of schools have opted to conduct their fall sports in the traditional season. High School volleyball is being played in various spots throughout the state right now.

Here in Dane County, the opposite decision was made and none of the Big 8 schools are playing boys volleyball this fall. Instead, they have preserved the option to play in the alternate season this winter/spring (Feb-April).

The breakdown of choice by the various Wisconsin High School boys volleyball teams are as follows:

  • 63% (38 teams) will play the traditional Fall schedule

  • 37% (22 teams) have preserved the option to play an Alternate Fall schedule

For those schools like the ones in Dane County that have elected to play an Alternate Fall schedule, there season would start on Monday, Feb. 22 and conclude sometime the week of April 12. Additionally, schools that were unable to conduct their 5 unrestricted coaching contact days during the 2020 summer may schedule those days during the 2020-21 calendar provided there is one week of no contact prior to the start of the respective season.

The revised WIAA sports calendar can be found here:

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